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If it’s new, full of interesting information, has to do with us and it is relevant for what we do, then it goes into this section. Enjoy your read!

DTSE Romania wins the 1st place for Business Services Company of the year


During the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards 2020, our company was honored and awarded in a high-end event. We won the 1st place in the Business Services company of the year (less than 800 employees category).

We’re making it happen from home


March was a difficult month for everyone living and working in Romania. It was the month when many restrictions were implemented due to the increasing number of COVID infections in our country. In order to keep us safe, the management decided it was best for the entire company to work from home.

HireVue, the new tool we use for recruitment


We’re happy to announce that we just released a new awesome tool for recruitment. Using HireVue, our recruitment process happens online now, until physically signing the contract with our candidates. It’s fast, reliable and secure.

MicroStrategy took DTSE Romania to Orlando, USA


On the first week of February 2020, Oana Gaman (Digital Services Team lead) and Livia Nicola (RTR Manager) from DTSE Romania, participated at the MicroStrategy World 2020, in Orlando, USA. These two super colleagues represented the DT Group and its whole journey in analytics.

United Nations of DTSE Ambassadors


Our work is about bringing people together, about sharing values and destinations. 16 European languages are (sometimes) simultaneously spoken under the same roof.

DTSE Romania wins the 1st prize in Data Privacy


The International Privacy Leader Meeting (IPLM) and the GPR Forum 2019, organized by Group Privacy was held in May at Deutsche Telekom Headquarters in Bonn.

DTSE Romania wins 3rd place for Business Services Company of the Year


During the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards 2019 our company was honored and awarded in a high-end event. Managing Director, Mădălin Popescu, was there to represent us and receive the award.

DTSE Romania wins first prize in “National Top of Companies”


The National Top of Companies has a history of 25 years and it is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

DTSE Romania Townhall 2018 – It takes a village…


They say it takes a village to raise a child. Same can be said about DTSE Romania, who is now five years old, that it took all our concentrated effort, dedication and hard work to grow and exceed expectations.

New office in Timișoara


We are extending! Opening a new office in Timișoara, we created a space of relaxation, creation and sharing. This reflects our working philosophy – relaxed people are more productive and creative.