Students from the Faculty of Communication Sciences visited our office in Timisoara

We often use the phrase: Life is better in magenta on our social media platforms. But how’s really the life of a DTSE Romania employee? A few students from Politehnica University of the Communication and Public Relations specialization experienced the magenta life of a DTSE Romania employee for a day. Together with their professor, the students visited our office in Timisoara.  

The event was a part of their learning curriculum, of The Deutsch für den Beruf (German for professional purposes) workshop.  

We introduced them in our magenta world by presenting the organizational structure of DTSE Romania, our main processes, our competitive benefits package, and all the amazing events we organize. We focused our discussion on improving communication skills in German and identifying communication situations acclimated to the professional environment.  

Our guests’ tour continued with a job-shadowing experience. They could closely observe some of our colleagues performing their daily tasks and processes while respecting every compliance and security measure. This way, the students understood our regularly used phrase: Life is better in magenta.  

They didn’t leave our office empty-handed; we prepared some small magenta gifts for them too. We’re confident we planted the seed for some future DTSE Romania colleagues among these students. We’re eagerly awaiting to see who will be joining the magenta side.