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Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania

In July 2013 the Deutsche Telekom Business Services start-up was founded in Bucharest as an answer to the need for a fresh, young and innovative group service provider in Europe.

Deutsche Telekom Business Services was a beacon for other shared service centres in Deutsche Telekom Group and we became the European shared service provider for the Deutsche Telekom Group. Few years later, we opened a second office in Romania – Timișoara. In 2017 Deutsche Telekom Services Europe was founded and gathered under one umbrella all the shared service centres in Europe. As a result, in May 2017, our name was changed from Deutsche Telekom Business Services to Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania offering now a package of support services for companies inside the Deutsche Telekom Group. However, our out-of-the-box way of thinking and acting still live on. As of today Deutsche Telekom Services Europe has 10 locations in 4 countries: Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe is a powerhouse for building innovative solutions for the whole Deutsche Telekom Group. Ranging from automatization solutions to data processing and mining, the company develops solutions that improve the world around us.
Deutsche Telekom Services Europe’s mind-set is built upon five key pillars that in time proved essential to the company’s global success: best customer experience, high quality services, great working conditions, growing innovation and continuously improving competitiveness. This is the Deutsche Telekom legacy that we all constantly strive to uphold.

Guiding Principles

Deutsche Telekom Group

Deutsche Telekom, the former state-owned company – Deutsche Bundespost – privatised in 1996, has its main offices in Bonn and is probably the best telecommunications company in Europe. Deutsche Telekom Group focuses on two main areas of business: IT infrastructure & software solutions offered by the T-Systems companies (e.g. T-Systems France, T-Systems Belgium, T-Systems Slovakia etc.) and telecommunication solutions offered by Telekom/T-Mobile companies (e.g. T-Mobile Austria, Telekom Romania, T-Mobile Polska etc). The Deutsche Telekom Group offers communication solution for 241.8 million mobile customers, 27.4 million fixed-lines, 21.7 million broadband lines and 8.9 million TV customers. Worldwide, Deutsche Telekom employs 226.000 people in more than 50 countries.

Deutsche Telekom is also involved in initiatives that help us make a better world, like climate change, social responsibility and data privacy.

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