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2021’s Virtual Health Week at DTSE Romania


We know how important a healthy lifestyle is to all our colleagues. We also know that their safety is a priority for us, so we keep making things happen from home. It’s been over a year now since we’re organizing online events and the first #HealthWeek of 2021 is no exception.

We support online school: education must go on


In 2020 we all came across different challenges, especially with major changes in the educational and working fields. Many children and employees remained home and tried to adapt to this new lifestyle. Learning and working from home is great because the world deals with a pandemic, but it has some difficulties too. How are you supposed to learn and work if you don’t have the necessary device, like a laptop or a tablet?

The perks of an exchange program experience in Köln


Lucian Buzduga applied for an exchange program within DTSE earlier in 2020. He spent 3 months working from our office in Köln.

Lucian joined the company 5 years ago. One year ago he took over the role of Product Owner for one of the 4 Agile teams in the HRCules project.

Santa loves magenta


2020 was the year of changes and difficulties, which we managed to successfully overcome. 2020 was the year when we adapted to a whole new working style, and that’s the home office, which has its ups and downs.

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