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Our Ambassadors


Who are the DTSE Romania Brand Ambassadors and why do we need them? We know you probably asked this question, and this article aims to answer them and even give you more details about their work.

DTSE Romania wins Employer of the Year Award 2022


The past years changed the business world in terms of technology, digitalization, objectives, and opportunities. Worldwide, many companies had to adapt and adjust their business strategy to the new ways of working, to maintain a stable working environment.

Our new office in Bucharest is ready!


Our office, both in Bucharest and Timișoara, is our basecamp. We no longer come to the office to simply work, but rather to meet our colleagues, collaborate and benefit from the invaluable live communication.

Put together your own Health Week


We all need sometimes a few days to rewind and recharge our batteries. If you think you don’t need such time, trust us, you do and we’re here to inspire you in organizing it yourself. Now, let’s see how does a full week of well-being look like in the magenta team.


We have a feeling that the working environment, nice colleagues and casual outfits are important to you, but fear not, you are in good hands regarding your pay check too. Besides your monthly pay check, which we’ll always make sure reflects your skillset, energy and efforts, we’re throwing in some extras. Every year, based on efforts and involvement, there is a performance bonus that you can get. Furthermore, meal tickets will always be available to you so you’ll be able to shop at your favourite grocery stores. Plus, there’s also a transportation coverage you might be eligible for. Check out our whole benefits package here.