Our new office in Bucharest is ready!

In 2021 we completely transformed our workplace in Bucharest*, refocusing on the people, securing their satisfaction, productivity, and becoming more attractive for future employees. More than that, we changed the role of the office: our offices in Bucharest and Timișoara have become our basecamp, our company’s identity. The office is no longer a place just for work, but rather a place to meet colleagues, collaborate and benefit from the invaluable live communication.

Aside from this, we wanted to create an “at home” atmosphere to make the transition as easy as possible for our employees. We achieved this by using bright colors combined with neutral colors in soft carpeting, cushiony furniture (armchairs, couches and throw pillows), coffee tables, and we gave up the industrial blinds, replacing them with curtains and drapes, like you would have at home. Additionally, for the natural feel, we used a lot of wood, plants, and covered parts of our walls in stabilized moss.

The new branded space hosts 80 people. Moving into the future, our hybrid work, with flexible scheduling, will be based on the desk sharing system. Employees are able to book their desk via mobile app or browser and check-in when they come to work. The system is not used to clock their time, rather to make sure that there are no desks that are blocked without being used.
Each desk is equipped with two monitors and a docking station to facilitate an easy connection of laptops. Of course, we have ergonomic chairs, but we also offer a small number of standing desks.

Losing their individual desk, doesn’t mean they don’t have their own space anymore. Each employee has an assigned spacious locker with a digital lock.

Since the spotlight has moved from individual work to collaboration, we have an increased number of meeting rooms of a variety of sizes, hosting between 2 to 30 people. The biggest room has a built-in movable wall that can split the room if needed.
The rooms are equipped, depending on their size, with projector, TV screens/TV Wall, Jabra Speak 510 or 810 (conference call speakerphone with both – USB and Bluetooth® connectivity), Logitech C930e web cam, Cisco MX700 Telepresence and Lenovo docking stations.
Furthermore, we replaced whiteboards and flipcharts with magnetic and writeable wallpaper, and we acquired a Samsung digital flipchart.
In this new format we also recognize the need for privacy. We installed two state-of-the-art, sound-proof booths which can be used for private calls, 1 person meetings via teleconference or just as a place to work in peace.

Socializing has become equally important, coming together after 2 years of professional solitude. We especially understand the importance of micro-interactions, which can’t be replicated or mimicked at home. As such, we conceived two special environments to facilitate this type of interactions. The first one is the playroom, a fun room with graffiti walls, bean bags, foosball table, and a PlayStation. The second one is the cafeteria, which is now a lounge area, hosting in the middle of it two generous couches with coffee tables, surrounded by a variety of eating areas and a food preparation zone (fridges, microwave, dishwasher etc.).

Best of all, the new office is on the 11th floor, and we are the proud owners of a magnificent view which can be enjoyed through the windows or from one of the four terraces.

*The office in Timișoara has already been redone.

You can virtually visit our offices here:

https://virtualtour.dtse.ro/ – Bucharest

https://tur.angajatoridetop.ro/permastore/adtb/deutsche-telekom/ – Timișoara