DTSE Romania Townhall 2018 – It takes a village…

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Same can be said about DTSE Romania, who is now five years old, that it took all our concentrated effort, dedication and hard work to grow and exceed expectations. This year’s Town Hall meeting marked the five year anniversary and was about, a review, our growth, strategy and digitization. The event, hosted by Madalin Popescu (Managing Director) and Ciprian Tudosa (Timisoara Site Manager), took place on the 12th of September in the wonderful Bucharest Old City location – ArCub – and was broadcasted live to Timișoara.

Theme, location and history

Inspired by the TED Talks format, like every year, there were an overall interesting topics: growth, strategy, digitalization and a of course a review.

Mădălin and Ciprian introduced us in the backstage of DTSE Romania, Bucharest and Timișoara. Although this fragment was rather „dry” due to the nature of its content – financial, operational and statistical reports – Mădălin did a great job at keeping the mood animated and the audience interested. He also put a light, quite literally, on every manager, recognizing their every-day input.

European approach,strategy and running

Next on the stage was Andre Dybek, Operating Officer DTSE and CCM Manager, a quite regular and always pleasant guest in Romania. His speech was impactful and touched subjects such as the European approach and our future strategy. As part of a telecommunications company, a fast-changing market, DTSE needs to keep up the pace. There is nothing like the feeling of being part of something bigger.

The star and final act of the event was Srinivasan Gopalan, DT board member for Europe. He mainly talked about the European growth strategy by ways of mindset, convergence and digitalization. This being the way to achieve the clearly established goal of becoming the number one TELCO Company. There was a question on everyone’s minds: What is DTSE’s role in all of this? The answer was very clear. We aim for the best customer experience, deliver high quality services, focus on innovation, simplify processes and, last and most important, we strive for growth. Let’s grow together!