DTSE Romania wins Employer of the Year Award 2022

The past years changed the business world in terms of technology, digitalization, objectives, and opportunities. Worldwide, many companies had to adapt and adjust their business strategy to the new ways of working, to maintain a stable working environment.

For us, it wasn’t an easy road and it’s still a challenging process, but we proved that under any circumstances, We Make It Happen. Our team’s efforts paid off and we’re excited to announce that we won the Employer of the Year Award (less than 800 employees) at the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards 2022, organized by Outsourcing Today & The Diplomat Bucharest.

This award recognizes the industry company which has achieved excellence in the provision of internationally recognized training to its employees, an employer who promotes the value of quality environment at the workplace. We measure the quality of our working environment by the wellbeing and development of our colleagues, the extension and constant improvement of our services, and last but not least, the competitive benefits package. We invest as often and as much as possible in trainings, workshops and different courses, development programs for our colleagues.

Skill Management

In Q3 we had a rollout of the Skill Management program, in which each employee was assigned a profile based on their activity. The employees would then evaluate and rate the corresponding skill set and wherever there were gaps, they could assign themselves courses.

The current skills catalogue consists of 1400 skills and is open for expansion. The skills are categorized in professional skills, social skills and languages.

Skill management is an essential part of our strategic workforce planning. We need new skills to meet current and future challenges, and we need to build them up.

External Trainings

In 2021, on top of all internal programs and development opportunities, we allocated over 40000 euros for our employees to develop further.


Each employee had the opportunity to choose a course/training to help them develop in their respective domain and obtain certification. To give some examples, ITIL Foundation and practitioner, Prince 2, Agile, SCRUM, SQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, graphic design video editing SAP, Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert etc. More than that, they have access to the international development platforms known as Percipio and Coursera.

Furthermore, in 2021 we organized a number of workshops for time management, budgeting, communication with customers, nutrition, cooking and many more.

In addition to all of the above, each employee receives 4800 lei/year, on the Online Benefit platform, to take any courses available there. Everyone has access to an in-house learning & training platform with 7k courses and can register for development programs within the DTSE company.

This program is for leaders and employees with mid-term potential for leadership – for senior, new or future leaders. The program has four modules: Job rotation, coaching & mentoring, visibility pitch and networking events.


This is an international talent program for employees with short-term potential, lasting 9 months. In this program everyone gets visibility and can actively participate in business projects.


An exclusive 4-month developing program for employees who are ready to make the next career step within 1-3 years. The learning environment is 70% digital and 30% face-to-face and participants have the ability to structure their learning journey based on needs and interests. The final scope is to educate in seven digital leadership skills: digitalization & technology, storytelling, mindfulness, agile working, ambidexterity, empowerment and collaboration.

AI Incubator

A program split in two, meant for employees who are curious about data and AI technologies and for AI tech trainees. According to the target group it can take between 3-6 months with training sessions, reading materials, challenges, quests, introduction into machine learning, IT tools and agile IT project steering.

Communities of Practice

We have several communities of practice who are open to anyone and provide a quality environment for learning and developing. All of the COPs are international and have the following themes: international collaboration, health, digitalization and DTSE culture.


Last but not least, all our management is open to mentorship relations with any employees who might be interested. They are experienced specialists in their respective domains, friendly and approachable.

This award is a confirmation that we are going in the right direction. We believe that building our team doesn’t stop with recruiting. Our industry is fast-growing and dynamic and we need to keep up the pace by investing in our people with training, development and creating the best environment for them to thrive.