Tips & tricks for an outstanding CV

How to tackle a quick and successful job search? Can a resume really have the magical power to sell your potential? These are two questions that we all addressed at some point in our career and in this particular case, they do have multiple answers. Let’s list some of them here.

A restructured resume visually appealing to the hiring manager

The first thing is giving your resume a streamlined and visually appealing format to improve the readability of the whole document.

You can create a visually appealing resume that’s also polished and clean by balancing visual elements like color and bullet points with content and white space.

Additionally, it’s advisable to use a resume format that only shows your assets: whether your experience or your extracurricular activities if you’re a new entry.

Managing messaging

Messaging is everything.

Your resume is a marketing document – one that should be crafted with two things in mind: your job goals and your target audience (i.e. recruiters and hiring managers).  All the information that your resume presents, from your professional summary to the details of your work history, should be curated to highlight your qualifications.

Also, it’s best to reframe your experience which involves adjusting your job title and only emphasize those elements that reflect your strengths for the current job target.

Second-long scannability

Does your CV pass the 6- second speed test?

With just seconds to work with, there is clearly no point in writing pages of details. Giving yourself a 2-page format helps to focus the mind.

Rewrite your job descriptions to include a strategic blend of paragraphs and achievement bullets that work together to stand out in the brief scan. The employer will then focus on your accomplishments and the specifics of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Also include “Areas of Expertise” bullets at the beginning of your resume to ensure that your professional value is immediately identifiable within seconds of opening the document.

References available upon request

Finally, remove the mentioning of references. The standard practice today is to leave that out of resumes entirely and simply provide them in a separate document if and when requested by the HR.

Your resume is now better equipped to showcase what you did in your roles so far and we all know that a new, optimized format means a total change of perspective and confidence for any of us in the job search process.

Wishing you the best of luck and inspiration in creating the resume that shows you off and if our career opportunities at DTSE Romania wink at you, give it a try.

And in the end, we have a nice surprise for you: our free magenta CV template that we prepared especially for you on this occasion.

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