Magenta Talks with Irina: about organizing events & dealing with all the internal communications

Meet Irina, our multitasker Communication Expert, Green & Events Ambassador. She makes sure our colleagues have the best events or workshops to attend both offline and online. She’s genuine, creative, and we’re pretty sure she has the most contagious laugh in the entire company. Here’s the interview with Irina.

How long have you been working here?

I joined DTSE Romania in September 2015 as a recruiter, then moved to the communication department in January 2017, so I’m part of the magenta team for 5 years now.

Describe your usual day at work.

I wake up thinking what I can do for my colleagues. Prospecting new suppliers, creating and proposing new events, dealing with all the internal communications and with the ultimate dictator, Mojo, my white Persian cat.

What you love the most about your job?

The feedback I get from the colleagues, the creativity involved and the new opportunities that come with the job.

What’s your favorite thing about DTSE Romania?

The multitude of projects I can get involved in, the multicultural environment, the way one can discuss with the management, and I could go on for ages with my list of favorite things about the company.

What advice you would give to someone interested in a job at DTSE Romania?

To take advantage of all the opportunities that arise and never give up on their dreams 😊. Their future can be as bright as our magenta color.