Magenta Talks with Sorina: about recruitment processes & the company’s Guiding Principles

We continue our #MagentaTalks interview series with Sorina Cimpoeru. She’s one of our Recruitment Specialists, located in Bucharest. Enthusiastic and friendly, she gladly accepted to answer a few questions about her career in DTSE Romania. Read the full interview below.

How long have you been working here?

For almost 2 years and a half.

Describe your usual day at work

We interact daily with the candidates that apply for the internships in Germany and with the managers that are in search of applicants. As the process is divided between Germany and Romania we #stay curious and grow next to the team in Germany.

What you love the most about your job?

Our guiding principles make the difference inside the company. Whilst processes can be standardized over time as to find the best practice and the most efficient approach to #makeithappen, to give importance to the soft skills of your employees and to lay emphasis on #act with respect & integrity is by far the core of a healthy and sustainable business environment.

What’s your favorite thing about DTSE Romania?

I would say the feeling of belonging: to be in the right place with a clear overview about your role in the team. #I am T – count on me explains briefly that each employee is reliable.

What advice you would give to someone interested in a job at DTSE Romania?

Find us on social media and help us with the mission #we won’t stop until everyone is connected.