Eduard: The beginning of my Magenta career in DTSE Romania

The change that counts

One morning, I decided that I needed a major change in my career as I felt that the environment where I used to work was not up to my expectations anymore. So, I started looking for a new job in Romania but also abroad. In the beginning, I could not find the job which I considered to suit me best. There was always something missing from the equation but what exactly?

The path towards success starts with small steps

I started putting on paper some ideas and motivational factors that could help me find a job that would suit my personality more. It is quite important to take time to think about what is important when one is searching for a new job. The list, that I managed to create, was at first very messy but I re-organized it by prioritizing the ideas and factors that were important for me. At the end, I created a top 3 from all of the ideas put on paper.

After some months of serious search, an interesting opportunity presented itself exactly when I expected less. So, I decided that my new story should begin within Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania (DTSE Romania – I know, it’s a long name, so I’m going to use the short version), where I started living the magenta experience, working as an Online Editor for the internal employee HR portal.

Accomplishing the learning curve

Within DTSE Romania, I discovered a completely original and colorful world, whose shades of colors resonate better with me. As an Online Editor, I started acquiring important and useful skills within the first six months. The most important skills that I am proud of to have learnt are: web content editing, creating and improving target group-specific content, using specific tools, such as WordPress and CoreMedia Studio, independently developing and implementing topics, supporting the team leadership with editorial planning, and being a community manager on social media channels.

From the moment I started working in DTSE Romania and until now, I must say that I am impressed with both the approach of the colleagues and the way of the management. I am constantly being supported to further develop myself, which gives me daily the important feeling of not just coming to a random workplace, but being an important asset within this huge mechanism. Also, the new situations that appear within the daily tasks, keep me motivated every second.

Join the #Magenta World

At DTSE #wemakeithappen. The Magenta World keeps expanding itself in a nice direction, where people are being put in the spotlight, where people are being heard every time, a world you could also be part of. I consider that I have always been heard since I joined the Communication Team but more important is the fact that there was lots of support from my colleagues and from my manager too, which led for me working in a friendly, young, happy and motivated environment.

It’s my pleasure to invite you to discover the opportunities within the company. You can also sign up for the Open Doors Day to get to know us better by visiting our place for a couple of hours. Thus, you will have the opportunity to live the experience of being a DTSE Romania employee and to decide for yourself if you would like to join us.