Magenta Talks with Lucian: innovative HR tools, staying curious and growing

Lucian is part of the Technology and Business Solutions department. His role,  as a Product Owner in one of the 4 teams in place, is to implement a new HR tool, highly required within the DT Group. He manages an agile team that has been ramped-up from both DTSE and DT IT, consisting of business analysts, developers, and system architects.

Let’s find out what Lucian likes the most about his job and why passion, commitment and doing something you like is so important in your job. Read the full interview below.

How long have you been working here?

In January 2021 it will be five years since I am working at DTSE. It seems like a long time but the feeling is actually a good one. Before coming here, I was exploring options and possibilities in different career fields. The thing is, the longer you work in a place the more self-aware and confident you become. I believe I made the right choice.

Describe your usual day at work

In my case, the answer to this question is different from year to year. The activity has been distinct every time and day to day work varied a lot. Sometimes I had meetings the first thing in the morning, sometimes I had time to get a coffee and after that start working. In the current role as Product Owner for one of the agile teams implementing an HR tool, you never know what can pop up and when the next meeting or escalation might take place, but that’s actually the fun and thrill of it.

What you love the most about your job?

This might sound like a cliché but passion, commitment, and doing something you like is important. The thing I like the most is that I work with people that are creative and curious, both from DTSE Romania and internationally in HR and IT fields. What I learned is that little things done constantly can make a big and positive difference in your career.

What’s your favorite thing about DTSE Romania?

One of my favorite things is having the opportunity to be involved in new projects, watch them grow, and at the same time giving me the chance to apply my previous experience in the new ones. Team Leaders and management also play a role in facilitating your growth and supporting your work. DTSE Romania is a place that encourages development on all levels, especially when they see your potential.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a job at DTSE Romania?

For juniors, it’s a great place to grow with a lot of benefits for them. The environment is pleasant, and the colleagues are supportive and dynamic. Also, there are a lot of internal workshops where ideas can be put into practice, like the Innovation area, Digital champions, and so on. For seniors, there are a lot of interesting projects where experienced candidates can apply their skills and knowledge. Overall people care about the work they do and that makes it a great place to work.