Magenta Talks with Mădălina: recruitment, daily job routine, and many more

We often use the #lifeisbetterinmagenta hashtag when we post content on social media. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact, life is truly better in magenta. Would you like to find out why? We asked Mădălina (one of our recruitment specialists) to talk about her experience in DTSE Romania. Read the full interview below and we bet you’ll agree with us.

What is your job at DTSE Romania?

I work as a recruitment specialist for DTSE Romania. I handle all the internal hirings for the office in Timisoara.

How long have you been working here?

I have been working here for over a year.

Describe your usual day at work

What I love most about recruitment is that there is no day like the other 😊. Every day is unique and it comes with different challenges. But if I were to think about the main activities that I do, I would say I start with the morning coffee (I miss the office terrace, by the way) and then I continue with contacting the job applicants, setting interviews, interviewing new candidates, giving feedback and headhunting passive potential candidates.

Working from home, the tasks have changed a bit. We no longer have the possibility to meet with the candidates, so all our recruitment process has moved into the digital world. With the implementation of our new recruitment tool, HireVue, our candidates have the possibility to perform the interview whenever it fits their schedule. Also, our process is more efficient and we can provide candidates with feedback faster than before.

What do you love the most about your job?

Like I said before I love the unpredictable aspect of the job. Every new position comes with a unique set of challenges and I can use creativity to overcome them. Also, I love working with people, getting to talk with a variety of new people every day, getting to know them, their backgrounds, their experiences, and interests. My favorite part is when I talk with our new colleagues, after 3, 6 months into the job and they tell me that they love working here, they are clicking with the team, and that they believe they made the right choice.

What’s your favorite thing about DTSE Romania?

It will be very hard to name just one 😊.

Besides the benefits package, I love the attention that is given to the work-life balance, which during this time has proven to be so important. One thing that still impresses me is open communication, transparency and authenticity; I believe this is the key to enjoy your job and your workplace. Here, everyone’s work is valued and acknowledged, our ideas are heard, there are actual ways to develop oneself.

What advice you would give to someone interested in a job at DTSE Romania?

The most important advice I can give is: let us know who you are. We want to see your real self. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you should get to know us, as well, during the recruitment process. This way, you can see if our culture suits you.

Check out our openings, apply and let’s make it happen 😊.