9 tips to ace your interview

Congratulations, you landed an interview! You did a great job on your resume, stood out and got chosen for the next step. However, being qualified is just one part in landing your dream job, so we are here with 9 pieces of advice to help you to ace your interview.

Be punctual

We can’t stress this enough: Don’t be late! This means to leave for the interview in time and to take in account possible delays, like traffic. Ideally, travel the route to the venue beforehand, to make sure you know how much time you need and not to get lost.

Conduct research

We mentioned this advice in the article for boosting your resume. It is very important to find out as much as you can about the company, their culture and their strategy. If you know the name of your interviewer, also look him or her up. Now what do you do with this information? Work it seamless into the conversation, show that you are the best fit in the team.

Prepare answers

No, the advice is not to memorize answers. Rather we recommend you look up the most common asked questions and think about what you would answer, in order to be prepared and not to get stuck in “ummm”s and “awww”s.

Be nice to everyone

Greet the receptionist, smile towards people you encounter in the hallway, try and be as charming as you can. Maybe this sounds a bit weird, but people talk with each other. A lot. You never know who will put in a good word for you because you made a good first impression.

Avoid rambling

Again, this seems like common sense, but you need to keep it in mind. Be concise and consistent in your answers. This doesn’t mean you need to give only short answers. Use as many words you deem necessary just be careful not to ramble.

Pay attention to your body language

We all know how much our body language conveys, much more than our words. This is the reason why you need to be a bit more self-aware during the interview. Maintain eye contact, keep a good posture, nod in agreement and smile from time to time.

Prepare questions you want to ask

Most interviewers will ask you, at some point in the interview, if you have any questions. It’s always a good sign if you do. Of course, you will not ask “when can I take my holiday?”. We prepared a different article with reccommendations.

Be confident

This goes without saying, but we will say it anyway. Be confident about your skills and your experience. An interview is no place for false modesty, the interviewer needs to hear why they should choose you. However, don’t boast, rather be confident in a positive and proactive way.

Give a good hand-shake

Last but in no way less important: give a good hand-shake when you arrive and when you leave. A handshake conveys information about a person and you need to say that you are confident, strong and reliable.

Ok, you’ve done the work, your looking sharp, go out there and wow them!